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Belly Fit Class 肚皮舞健身课

Intensive Foundation Course 肚皮舞基础强化课程

Choreo Belly Dance Course 肚皮舞成品舞课

Pro Belly Dance Courses 肚皮舞专业课程


Free Trial Belly Dance Fitness Class! First class free to try!

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No dance background needed!

Girls and ladies of all ages and all sizes are welcome!!!

Flexible schedule 6 days a week! Strong professional and experienced instructors team!

Confidence, Fitness and Fun!!!

Belly Fit Class 肚皮舞健身课

1 hour / Session

For total beginners



Belly Fit Class 肚皮舞健身课

1 hour/ Session

For total beginners


Our most featured fitness class, belly dance fitness class, running almost every day! You will learn basic belly dance movements and combinations. Fitness and Fun! Focusing on weight loss and enhance body flexibility. Great workout for toning your body in a fun way and mastering basic belly dance movements in the meantime. Go to our video page and check out our belly dance performance video if you like!


Belly dance originated from Middle Eastern countries like Egypt and Turkey, has been practised by women for thousands of years simply because:


1.It's simply the great way to get into your desired fit body shape while having fun!

2.For ladies and girls, it's also about self-discovery of your spirit and the integraty in body and soul.

3.The benefits especially also include maintaining your perfect figure and building up the right muscles for future childbirth, or losing the extra weight and getting back to shape after giving birth. It's easy to practise anytime and anywhere once you have learned it.

4.Belly dance uses all of the unique movements benefiting woman's body and it can be practised by women of all ages and in all shapes, even with zero dance background.


Practising belly dance and enjoy its life-long benefit!


Belly dance brings out the best of yourself in body and soul.You will become more charming, confident and joyful by practising it!


Basic bellydance movements will be taught. You will learn basic movements such as snake arms, hip drop, camels, hip bumps and shimmies. Basic belly dance movements and combinations will be practised during the class. You will also learn how to enjoy the middle eastern music and how to express yourself with your newly-found horizon!


Book a Free Trial Belly Fit class by SMS/whatsapp Lily @97523028

Belly Dance Choreography Course


1.5 hours/ Session Total 4 sessions


Belly Dance Choreography Course 肚皮舞成品舞课

1.5 hours/ Session Total 4 sessions

For belly dance students who have learned some belly dance basics:


If you are keen to improve your belly dance level after 10 or 20 belly dance fitness classes (basic classes), you may join our belly dance choreo class to learn the beautiful belly dance choreographies and get improved systematically!


4 Sessions X1.5 hours to learn a beautiful dance choreography. You will get chance to perform or join our professional performance group.


Check out more details and learn more at Belly Dance Choreography Course page.






Pro Belly Dance Courses






Pro Belly Dance Courses 肚皮舞专业课程



Pro Belly Dance Performing Course (2. 5 months)


Pro Belly Dance Instructor Course (2.5 months)


Upgrade your dance or simply explore a new area in life to enrich your life experience.


If you are inspired to become a professional belly dance performer / trainer / instructor or simply want to learn belly dance sysmetically.You are require to have some belly dance basics. Please go to Professional belly dance instructor course page to learn more.


Please go to Professional belly dance performing course page to learn more if you want to learn the complete belly dance system, improve your performing skills and upgrade your dance performance to a completely new level. It is ok that you are totally new to belly dance, this course will help you improve so fast and it's also designed for both beginners and intermediates or even advanced students, if you lack of stage chirisma and don't know how to present yourself.








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